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Health and Safety Gone Mad!

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Forest of Dean District Council

Health and Safety Gone Mad! We're a team of health and safety officers. In our own time we've embarked on a unique campaign to show that health and safety properly used, is about saving lives not stopping them. We want to ensure that by using sensible risk management, traditional play, adventure, eccentricity and fun can continue to thrive in the UK, and that health and safety is not used as an excuse to stop people enjoying themselves. We offer help to small organisations who put on 'risky' traditional events and leading by example we've been joining in! We also highlight inaccurate health and safety stories in the media in a way that should make you smile! Behind the fun is the serious message that health and safety saves lives but doesn't stop them. We think that by using sensible risk management ordinary people can do extraordinary things and we are here to prove it to you!

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